Connecting Meaningfully

Hello! Welcome to Connecting Meaningfully. My name is Miles and I’m passionate about fostering authentic connections, and helping people express and embody their most genuine & impactful selves.

My specialties are Message Crafting, Public Speaking Training, Networking Mentoring, and Event Organizing.

Using deep-diving discussions, focused rehearsals, and creative exercises, clients gain clarity on who they are (or who they want to be), and thus, get to the heart of their messaging. They then feel confident and poised when speaking to an audience of any size, and ready to develop meaningful professional relationships.

I believe in you, and soon you will too!

How Can I Help You Connect?



With An Audience:

  • Crafting Your Message

  • Presentation Skills

  • Focused, Supportive Rehearsal



With Potential Colleagues/Clients:

  • Navigating Networking Events

  • Effective, Impactful Business Introduction

  • Knowing what to “Ask” for



With a Community:

  • Brainstorming Ideas

  • Organizing Meaningful, Connection-Centered Events

  • Facilitating/ Hosting Your Event


Message Crafting & Public Speaking

Your message has to come from your heart. We'll work together to craft a clear, authentic, and impactful message. Once your story resonates with you, we’ll make sure that you can deliver it with confidence and poise. You’ll find your comfort zone, and rethink the way you approach public speaking. I love working with clients 1 on 1 and with team/small groups. I also enjoy organizing interactive workshops for larger groups. I’ve helped people from diverse backgrounds and professions re-imagine their messaging and story, and prepare for networking meetings, pitches, presentations, speaking opportunities, and more.


Attending events, and sending referrals/ introductions to people make you a good networker. Actively learning about other professions, getting to know people on a deeper level, and being genuinely eager to help them makes you a great networker. Why not be great? I guide people through the steps of authentic networking, from explaining various types of networking events and how to navigate them, to helping them craft their business introduction and have meaningful conversations, and, most importantly, understanding how to continually nurture their network. Perhaps you’d like a “Networking Wingman” at an event? Ask me about it!


Event Organizing

In the spirit of meaningful connections, sometimes there’s no better way to connect with people than at a connection-focused event. If your organization or community wants to bring its people together in meaningful ways, I hope you’d consider me to help you organize a get together. I’ve organized daytime lunch & learns, evening networking events, as well as facilitated and guided discussions. From the brainstorming and ideating process to hosting the event, your community can feel closer to each other than it ever has.

Upcoming Events

Networker’s open Mic

My Home in Fort Greene, BK.

The Networkers’ Open Mic combines the elements of a message-crafting workshop with those of a performative open mic. Our goal is to help you thoughtfully craft authentic and engaging messaging, and then allow you to practice it with fellow attendees who will provide real-time, constructive feedback.

FREE - CMX Connect: How Communities Navigate Eclectic personalities

Civic Hall - 118 West 22nd Street. 12th Floor

Congrats! Your community rocks! People are enthused and engaged, and better yet, you're still growing. But with growth, comes new and eccentric personalities. Some of which you may not be well-versed in dealing with. So how do we navigate a community with a wide variety of personality types? Join us to discuss it! The event is free, and we welcome you to invite any community-minded folks along.

free - fort greene soloist Meeting

Thursday, October 17th @ 9:15 AM
Location: Spaces - 41 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

Our monthly community meeting for all entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, & freelancers in downtown Brooklyn. All are welcome who have any independent professional endeavors/aspirations.
Meetings last an hour and a half, and consist of presentations, business introductions, and group discussion.


Communities, Organizations, & Resources Worth Checking Out:

Connect with Miles

If you’re not feeling confident in your message/ business introduction/ presentation skills, want help organizing an event, or want to learn more about me and my practice, I would love to talk to you! (Even if none of those apply to you, I’d still love to talk to you.) You can find me on LinkedIn, email me at, or reach out through the form below.

I’m excited to connect with you!